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Georgetown's Premiere Dance Ensemble

Established in 1974 and currently directed by Faculty Artistic Director Raina Lucas, Georgetown University Dance Company (GUDC) is the oldest dance organization on campus in the Department of Performing Arts. As a pre-professional concert repertory dance company, GUDC performs diverse works in classical ballet, contemporary, modern, jazz, and hip-hop.


Georgetown University Dance Company

Georgetown University Dance Company


"GUDC gives me a space to thrive out of the classroom. I feel connected with my friends and dance passion."

 - Marialaura Saenz - 

“For me, the best part of GUDC is the tight-knit community. I've met the kindest, most wondeful people through the Company, and i feel so priviledged to move alongside such talented dancers. The GUDC family has made me feel so much more at home at Georgetown, and has truly transformed my college experience."

"I thoroughly enjoy learning from local dance artists and choreographers. and getting inspired from their unique dance styles"

 - Yee Xin Cher - 

 - Caroline Ericsson - 

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